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The Team

Throughout his years working and studying at Arizona State University, Alex found great enjoyment when cooking various meals for friends and family.  He met his future wife Karin while attaining his undergraduate degree.  Their love and support for each other is a key in their growth together.

His goal of working in athletics soon shifted to another calling, working with individuals with Autism.  Working for a private school for students with Autism as an aide, teacher and eventually mentor while attaining his post-graduate degree in special education was a journey like no other.

While working in the school, cooking was a common cross-curricular activity used in both math and life skills classes.  This led to the idea to help provide students with an environment where they could apply skills in the real world.  Smashin’ Devil was created from Alex’s love of cooking, Sun Devil pride, and a desire to provide work experience for individuals with Autism by serving high quality food truck fare.

The Chef

From Miami, FL originally, Mikkel didn’t always want to cook for a living but found his passion for it while he was in the military.  This is where his persona “Chef Daddy” originated.  When he was whipping something up for his regiment he happened on a recipe now knows as “Daddy’s Seasoning” which Smashin’ Devil uses on it’s burgers and fries.  This barbecue rub offers one of the most unique flavors that is a staple of Smashin’ Devil 

As the truck launches Chef Mikkel continues to fine tune and upgrade menu items left and right to ensure our customers have the best experience when eating our food.  If you see something on order tablet that doesn’t appear on the menu, snatch it up as it’s probably one of Chef Mikkel’s newest menu innovations.



What Our Customers Say

Vincent N.

"Alex, that might have been the best burger I've ever had."

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